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December 15, 2019


Hey there! I am Melissa of  Melissa Neck Photography.  Thanks for stopping by, and considering applying to be a part of MNP Team 20-21! I am excited to read through all the applications!

MNP is Williamsburg’s boutique portrait studio for teens and high school seniors…and new this year…we are adding Tweens into the mix!!!  Yes, that’s right! Normally, our team is composed of rising 8th-12th graders, but this year, we decided to drop the grade level to include 6th & 7th graders!  MNP has received so many messages from sweet tweens asking if they can join, so we decided to give it a try! Woohoo!

What is MNP Team all about?  We love creating a fun experience that will capture you throughout the year, whether this will be your senior year, or your first year in middle school.  Growing up is tough…trust us, we know!  But growing into your own, trying to figure out where you fit in, your identity, it can be hard.  So our team is here to help create an experience like no other, and capture beautiful and fun images of you! We aim to help you feel confident about yourself throughout your session and throughout your year with MNP! We take pride in our quality of work, and offering you the best experience, images and products!


Who can join the team?? If you live in Williamsburg, or surrounding areas (Gloucester, Yorktown, Newport News, Hampton, New Kent, or any other surrounding areas and willing to commute to Williamsburg) and you want to be part of MNP Team for the 2020-2021 school year, then we would love to have you apply! Read the information below, and then click on the correct link for the grade you will be in for 20-21…6th-8th grade, 9th-11th grade or senior application (Class of 2021).   Please make sure you fill out the correct application.


Some of the details! 

Meet & greet: After you submit your application (please make sure you have spoken to a parent before applying), you will receive an email within 24-48 hours of confirmation of your application.  Please make sure the email you list is correct.  You will then receive an invite for a meet & greet.  This will just be a quick 15-20 minute get together to get to know each other and to ask any questions.  After the deadline and meet & greets have been completed, you will be notified by email if you have or have not been selected for the team.

**Meet & greet does not guarantee a spot.  And as much as I would love to have you all on my team, spots will be limited.***


Team Meeting: If you are offered a spot and you accept a spot on the team, you will receive an email to attend a mandatory meeting to go over all details and info for Team 20-21.



  1. Is there a fee to join?  – There is no “fee to join” the team, but 6th-8th graders will pay a flat rate for group sessions, and Teens and Seniors will pay for their solo session.  Solo session fees are based on whether you are a teen or senior, and the duration of your session.  Group sessions for teens and seniors are free.  More information will be sent later.  Session fees start off at $200.
  2. Is hair/makeup required? For ladies, yes! We feel that HMU is very important part of our brand, and it helps to bring everything together.  We have an amazing team of stylists, and you get to decide on how you want your HMU to be for your solo session.  Most group sessions will require HMU, and that will be determined by MNP based on the theme. HMU will not be required for all 6th-8th grade group sessions.
  3. Do we get to print our pictures?  We do not give print releases for solo sessions, but we offer a wide variety of prints, products and digitals.  Group sessions come with digitals for social media sharing and the option to print. 
  4. Can guys apply to join the team?  Of course!  We love having the fellas on the team!  The guys have fun, and who wouldn’t want to be surrounded by beautiful girls!?!
  5. Do you travel for sessions?  Yes! We love to travel and explore new locations.  Seniors will have the options to upgrade their session fee to include travel and different locations outside of the approved mileage restriction.
  6. Can I still have pictures taken by MNP if I am not be on the team? Yes, absolutely!  MNP sets aside a few dates for non-team members each year.  Those spots typically go fast, and are a first come, first serve basis, so book sooner than later!
  7. What other perks do I get from joining the team?  Not only will you get amazing pictures! But you will get to meet new people that you wouldn’t normally get to meet, make new friendships, build confidence, free group sessions, gift bag, a chance to model for a local boutique, be featured in magazines and even get a chance to model for workshops! Caitlyn won a free trip to California this year to model for a workshop!


I am excited to hear from you all! If you have any questions, feel free to email me at

If you’re ready to apply, click the link for what grade you will be in for 2020-2021 school year!

Junior Team – 6th-8th grade: click here.

Teen Crew: 9th-11th grade: click here.

Senior ’21: click here.


Thank you again for applying!! Looking forward to meeting you all!


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