Aaliyah | Class of 2020

High School Seniors

July 17, 2020

Aaliyah | Hampton High School | Class of 2020


Meet Aaliyah!  Aaliyah is a 2020 Hampton High School graduate.  Aaliyah was a part of the MNP Senior Team, and had been a part of the MNP Team since her junior year in high school.  I have known Aaliyah since she was a little girl, and it has been a pleasure watching her grow up into a beautiful, young lady!

Here are some of my favorite from Aaliyah’s session.

I just love these colors on Aaliyah!  The location and lighting were just perfect for her!


A quick change in clothes. I love this location so much!


Love this camouflage outfit!


Then we finished off in the streets of downtown.  Love how Aaliyah’s shoes match her shirt!


Congratulations on your graduation Aaliyah!  I have enjoyed getting to know you over these past few years!  Aaliyah will be attending Virginia Union University, where she plans to major in psychology.  Best of luck to you, Aaliyah!


HMU by Makeup by SAC.

  1. Faye Seldon says:

    Ok I’m going on a corner and cry now😆

  2. Pamela Washington says:

    Beautiful young lady. Congratulations as you continue your journey in life. Your participation in the MNP project has contribute to your growth into a beautiful and confident young lady. Thank you Aaliyah and Melissa.

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