Alexxa | Class of 2020

High School Seniors

April 29, 2020

Alexxa | Yorktown High School | Class of 2020


Meet Alexxa!  Alexxa is a part of the MNP Senior Team, and a senior at York High School.  When I met with Alexxa to start planning her session, she mentioned she wanted lots of colors, flowy dresses, prints/patterns, beach vibe and a field.  After meeting with me, we set up a time to head to Three Sisters Boutique to continue her consultation over there.  Alexxa ended up choosing a variety of outfits to express her personality and style.

The day of Alexxa’s session, the weather was not looking too great; thunderstorms in the mid-morning to early afternoon, with the ugly gray clouds.  As I was driving to the first location, which was about 45 minutes away from my home, it was raining, but I knew the weather would clear up soon.  Side note…I have never stalked the weather so much in my life until I started photography…the weather can truly have an effect on your photos, your shooting style and editing, especially if you are a natural light photographer.

Alexxa chose to upgrade her session, so we had more time, different locations and unlimited outfits.  Once we arrived to the first location, which was the beach, the sky had cleared up, and you would have never known that it had been raining…and we had a nice breeze, which was much needed on that hot August day!

For the beach, Alexxa wore a flowy Free People dress from the MNP Style Closet.


After the beach, we headed to downtown Hampton for Alexxa’s second outfit from Three Sisters Boutique. Alexxa loves animal print, so as soon as we saw this outfit at Three Sisters Boutique, we knew it would be perfect for Alexxa!

We then headed back to the Yorktown Beach area for the rest of Alexxa’s session.  At this point, the clouds started to roll back in, and it looked like it wanted to rain, so we were trying to beat the rain.


After we got some quick pictures near the bridge, we went to a new location.  Alexxa really wanted to wear this dress, because she thought it would look nice with the turquoise shutters on the building.

This little spot is my favorite! It is not a “pretty” place to take pictures…it is actually very ugly, BUT the light is AH-MAZ-ING, and I will never jeopardize lighting for what may seem to be a “pretty” location.

We then traveled around the battlefields, and stopped and snapped a few pictures here.  Alexxa’s mom really liked this location! You always should get a few mom approved outfits/locations/pictures! 😉


We ended the night at the battlefields.  As we were walking towards the fields, I started to scope for a nice area for pictures.  As I was scoping the area (we were in tall grass), Alexxa was standing next to me, and I was bending down to make sure there were no snakes around, and as soon as I leaned in closer, a snake slithered by my foot! I jumped up, causing Alexxa to jump up, and her hand smacked me in the face!  OUCH!  LOL! We were running out of time with lighting and possible rain approaching, so I quickly snapped some pictures, and ended out the session.  It was so funny! I always tell my clients, if you want fields, then be prepared for whatever is in the fields…it is their home, but I always scope out the area to make sure it is safe for everyone!


Alexxa, I had a great time with you, and I have enjoyed having you on my team! Best of luck in your future endeavors! Alexxa will be attending James Madison University in the fall, and she plans to major in psychology, and pursue a career in child psychology.


Styling: MNP Style Closet, Three Sisters Boutique and Alexxa

Hair & Makeup: Sara Rich of  Makeup by SAC

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