Caitlyn | Class of 2020

High School Seniors

May 7, 2020

Caitlyn | Menchville High School | Class of 2020


Hey everyone! It is time to meet Caitlyn and see her senior session! Caitlyn is a senior on my MNP Senior Team, and she has been on my team since her junior year as part of the MNP Teen Crew.  Caitlyn’s big brother, Christopher, was also part of my senior team (Class of 2018), so she already knew what the team was about.

When we met up to discuss Caitlyn’s session, she decided to upgrade her session to include more time and unlimited outfits.  Caitlyn did not have any set in stone ideas, so we decided to try a little bit of everything.  We also went to Three Sisters Boutique, located in Downtown Williamsburg, and Lauren set her up with a variety of outfits! Thanks Lauren!

We stayed local for Caitlyn’s session, and started in Colonial Williamsburg.  This location is one of my favorite places to take pictures!


We then headed to a very popular garden in Colonial Williamsburg. I love this outfit on Caitlyn. It was so cute for the gardens!

We then headed to a more “urban” location for her next two outfits.  Williamsburg is not very “urban”, but we made it work! Love these edgy outfits!  Caitlyn reminds me of a younger version of Stacy Ferguson…aka Fergie, the singer!  If you are my age, you may remember the show ‘Kids Incorporated’, which was a popluar show on Disney back in the ’80’s/early ’90’s, and Fergie was a member of the show.  Caitlyn always reminded me of Fergie when she was on the show.

We then closed out Caitlyn’s session on the beach, which also has great fields.  One of my favorite places to shoot! You have to come at the right time to get the best light!


Back in early 2019, Caitlyn applied to model for a workshop in L.A., California, with a chance to win an all-expense paid trip!  I was planning to attend the workshop, so I mentioned this opportunity to a few of my girls who I knew were interested in modeling.  I had five girls apply, two made it into the top 20, and Caitlyn made it into the top 12! It was so fun to get to share this experience with her!  So in November of 2019, we headed to L.A.! The weather was beautiful, even in November! We both got to meet so many other teen models and photographers!  We both can’t wait to go back there again!

Since Catilyn was my winning model, we got some alone time to shoot together.  We met at Tara’s studio the night before, and she got fitted in a few outfits. I picked out all of Caitlyn’s outfits.  One thing I wanted, was for Caitlyn to step out of her comfort zone a bit, and try new things.

Here are a few images from our solo session together.

Then after our alone time, Caitlyn changed into her first outfit for the other photographers to take pictures of.  Each group of photographers got to take turns with all of the models. There were two groups of six models…a morning group, and an afternoon group. Caitlyn was in the afternoon group. I was a proud photography momma watching Caitlyn with the other models and photographers. 🙂 This was a big difference not only from where we are from, but also shooting with other photographers that have different styles with shooting, posing and editing.

After the first outfit, the models then swtiched into their second outfit. Caitlyn ended the night with this Johnny Cash t-shirt and flowly yellow skirt.

It was a long day…we had fun, but we were ready to call it a night.  After that, all the photographers and models got together for a group picture, and some ice cream!  So happy to have experienced this with you, Caitlyn!

Caitlyn, I have enjoyed having you on my team the past 2.5 years! Caitlyn will be attending the University of Mary Washington in the fall, where she will be swimming and plans to major in physical sciences.

I wish you the best in your futre endeavors!:)



Senior Session: Styling by Three Sisters Boutique. Hair and Makeup by Makeup by SAC.

The Next SMS Workshop: Clothing provided by Tara Rochelle Photography and styled by Melissa Neck & Tara Rochelle.  Hair by Kimmie Blackhall and makeup by Sarah Ravitz.

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